About two weeks ago, I broke down and put in some cash to host a meet up for moms. I have an 8 month old and we usually are home all the time and I was starting to see some anti-social behavior from him that I didn’t quite like, and I need to meet other moms. It was time to do something. Searching and searching, I could never find a meet up or moms group that wasn’t intimidating in some way or that didn’t cost anything more than the gas to get there.

I created one myself.

And it was a hit!

So, I thought, why not use this to meet and teach others crochet as well. I went and created the Sarasota Crochet Meet Up and within a day I had 11 interested members. With a few already having RSVP’d. This was exciting! I was going to get to meet and teach new people crochet! That’s awesome!

Today was the day. We had a fantastic turn out! There was one who’s crocheted for a while, two who were learning, and one very new to crochet learner. We had so much fun at the pavilion in Urfer Park. And the weather couldn’t have been nicer!

Through it all, I was able to show everyone something new. Whether it was how to make a first chain without using a slip knot, or how to make the ripple effect for a blanket! Or even how to make a chain stitch, and work on tension. Everyone went home happy and excited for the next meet up.

I’ve had some requests for evening meet ups because some would like to learn after they get off work. I’m going to have to look through my schedule to make sure what I can do, but I think the next one will be an evening one, for sure. Apparently we also have some in Venice, so we may do a few down south, too, but this is all very exciting and very new!

As we get to know one another, we may turn this into something more, like meet ups at houses, and lunches. Or coffee and crochet meets. Hook and book meets, maybe, too!

If you could choose a place to crochet, where would you choose?


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