If you’re like me, you already know why you love crochet. But what if you’re just not sure you want to start something so…laboring! Well, here’s 3 reasons crochet is not a craft of labor but rather a craft of love:


  1. You can share the things you make with your family and friends…and you can give the itchy yarn to your enemies. So you made a blanket, and it’s perfect for laps and babies…but you really just made it because you wanted to say, “I made this!” Well, now your best co-worker friend says, “Man! It’s always freezing in this office!”

    That’s when you can be the hero!

    “Hey, best friend, I have a blanket that you could borrow (or have, Merry Christmas!) I made it myself! Here!” And then, whip out that awesome handmade beauty right there! (The same effect can be said for finger-less gloves, by the way. I say this from experience.)

    Now, let’s say that co-worker who is always on your case says she’s cold too. Well, lucky for you, you just happen to carry around that set of gloves that make your hands itch so you only use them as a last resort..

    “Here you go, Miss B. You can have this pair of finger-less gloves to stay warm.” Of course, say it with a smile, but laugh maniacally as you watch her become more and more agitated and itchy…never knowing that this worked in your favor

    I may…or may not…have done these things.


  2. It’s a survival skill! Okay, so this one is my opinion and I haven’t really done super research on it, but think about it….when we get that super solar flair, or the aliens come done and enslave us, or the world goes to pieces and we’re stuck fending for our selves, your friends will come to you when they need something for the cold, to cover up, or just to be patched.

    When you crochet, you also learn basic sewing. You learn patience. You learn you can take anything and make it into something! Found an old ratty t-shirt? Strip it and crochet it! Those jeans don’t fit anymore? Cut into slivers and crochet that baby! With crochet, you can make hats, scarves, gloves, pouches and purses, warmers, pretty much a myriad of things you would need should the apocalypse arrive…Plus, anything you crochet becomes stronger! As in, it won’t rip as easily. Honestly, with the right materials, you can make a net to catch game out of crochet!

    Click the photo to be brought to where you can buy this as a sweater! **Not affiliated with this company…I just really like this shirt!
  3. Sciences has shown that crochet (and knit!) is good for the human body, mind, and spirit! Here’s one article on the help crochet and knitting have on patients with PTSD: Crochet Concupiscence
    Here’s another, from CNN, about a woman who lost her brother, diagnosed with PTSD, and started knitting: This is your brain on crafting.
    Oh, and here’s something from the New York Times on the health benefits: The health benefits of knitting.
    Convinced yet? No? Well, I encourage you to do a simple search of “Health Benefits of Crochet” or knit or crafting…You’ll find page after page of the benefits. Some from personal experiences, some from science, some from anywhere you can think of!

    Might crafts such as knitting offer long-term health benefits? – Washington Post

    Should You knit? – Psychology Today

    This simple activity offers surprising health benefits (Knitting helps memory, reduces pain and anorexia nervosa) – Natural Society

Whatever your reason for starting, it’s definitely something worth doing, either for yourself, or others!

Don’t know how to crochet? Find a class in your local area. If you’re in Sarasota or Bradenton, Florida (including the Manatee, Sarasota, Pinellas areas) join us in our classes to learn the basics! (And advance up over time!)

Happy Hooking!

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