Hi there! Welcome to Sarasota Crochet! This is our inaugural launch into the world!

Let me introduce myself and give you a better idea of who I am:

I’m Kati Lyn. This is me:


Yup! That’s me! I was at a convention called Bay of Blood when I snapped that photo.

I started crocheting back in 2011, I think it was January because it was shortly after I quite smoking. The reason I crocheted (okay, I NEEDED to crochet) was to re-habitualize the hands to something other than smoking. Now, years later, I still crochet, but I don’t smoke!

I love to crochet! And I love to share my skill! What better way than to start teaching! I’ve taught a friend, before, but it’s time. It’s time to truly share my love with others who want to learn! It’s time to help those who desire to gain a new skill, meet new people, and gain health benefits beyond the norm!

So, come with me and learn something that will help you feel better, gain friends, and enjoy some time with others!



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